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We are dedicated to providing an outstanding experience each and every time you use our services!

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carpet-cleaner-tualatinHi, my name is Darcy, and I own Quick and Clean. I am also one of the IICRC Certified Technicians.

Did you know that your carpet is one of the biggest assets in your home? I can help you protect that asset by cleaning your carpet and bringing it back to a healthy state!

I’m here to provide YOU with outstanding service.

Our technicians will always be courteous and respectful of your home. We add special touches to make your experience outstanding.

  • DRIEAZ Studebaker Airpath, high velocity 40 mph airflow fan helps to dry your carpet fast!
  • No extra charge!
  • Corner wall guards to keep corners/walls clean and unmarked while we clean your carpet.
  • Furniture tabs to keep your furniture off your freshly cleaned carpet until it dries.
  • We provide booties for you to wear after we are finished, to keep from transferring of dirt or debris to your freshly cleaned carpet.
  • Free bottle of carpet spotter for those emergency spills between cleanings.

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Spot Removal Guide

We suggest emergency spot cleaning using every day household products. If the stain does not release after a few tries by using the process stated below, it is best to contact us for specialty spotting. The products we use are very successful in removal of most spots and stains on most carpets fibers and fabrics.

Always use a clean white terry cloth when spot cleaning. This way you can be assured there will not be any transfer of dye to your carpet and fabric.

Removing the Top Ten Terrible Stains

Blood - You should rinse quickly with cool water. Follow with an approved cleaning solution or a mix of ¼ teaspoon clear (non-bleach, non-lanolin) dishwashing liquid with one cup cool water. Blot and dry quickly.

Dye and Food Stains - Such as beverages, medicines, cosmetics, foods and other liquids containing dyes should be absorbed first. Then try the liquid dishwashing solution describe in the blood remedy. Blot, repeat and rinse with clear water on a clean, white towel or white paper towel. Dry.

Fingernail Polish - This can be removed using a non-acetone fingernail polish remover. Apply a small amount of the remover on a white cloth and work it in from the edges of the spill to the center. Blot the area using lukewarm tap water. Dry with a clean cloth.

Ink - (ballpoint pen) Apply 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol to a cloth or paper towel. Don’t pour rubbing alcohol directly on the spot.

Paint – Latex responds to the detergent solution described in the blood remedy. Blot, repeat and dry.

Urine or vomit - If left unattended it can damage carpet in several ways. Always clean these up immediately with paper towels. For pet urine, try a solution of one part white vinegar and one part water. Blot with towel, repeat.

Rust - Almost always requires professional services because of the chemical involved.

Wax - (paraffin from candles) Responds best when medium heat from an iron is applied to a clean white cloth or paper towel, which is place over the wax spill. Repeat the heat application to the towel as the wax is absorbed. Sometime dyes in wax won’t come out and fibers will have to be cut and the area replaced with a new carpet insert.

Wine - Comes out with the same dishwashing detergent solution found in the blood remedy. Blot, repeat and dry.

Call us at 503-638-4100, if the stain persists.

Why Do Portland Metro Homeowners Choose Us for Carpet Cleaning?

OUR GUARANTEE : With our company all quotes are free, complete and in writing. There are no hidden costs. If you are unsatisfied we will return to your home, inspect and re-clean if needed. Your satisfaction is important to us.